About Us


My name is Jeff Jacobs, the CEO, Mortgage Broker and Loan Originator for Jacobs Funding and Investments. I have over fourteen years experience performing hard money loans for Arizona investors.  I am an Arizona Hard Money Lender and perform private money loans for investors of residential  and commercial real estate.

All loans are underwritten and approved  in-house with very quick response times. If you have an Arizona single-family or commercial investment property you would like to purchase or refinance please call me directly at 480.860.2200 or email me at jeff@jacobsfunding.com.  All loans are at 8% to 10% interest (9.5%-12.5% APR) with a two to three year term. Please refer to the Loan Terms and FAQ pages for details. Very simple, quick and easy.

Most loans are closed within 5-7 business days from the application date. I will also issue pre-qualification letters if you are purchasing investment real estate.